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                                                          Photo Credit: Gary Leshaw

Years ago, I found myself on a business trip in New Orleans... out to breakfast with the one co-worker that I really didn't get along with. Just the two of us. We made the most of it, and wandered the French Quarter in the wee hours of the morning after having beignets at Cafe du Monde. Sometimes conversation was lively and pleasant, other times it lulled, and I found myself taking photos with my phone to fill in the silent spots.

Sitting at the airport heading home, I looked at the random shots I'd taken and decided to put them up on Instagram - I had an account but never had used it before. I was shocked that before take off, I had accumulated several 'likes' and followers. And a passion was born.

I took up photography soon after that, using my cell phone to try and be creative, enhance moods and show things a bit differently. I quickly became frustrated by the limitations and soon bought my first camera. I took classes, studied YouTube videos, travelled for photographic workshops for hands on training. I had always enjoyed looking at photography, never thought I'd actually *be* a photographer. I wonder why I waited so long!

Thank you for visiting my pages. I've learned so much, about places and people! Met so many interesting new friends - I even started a MeetUp group to bring them all together to go shoot. Click the links above to follow me on facebook, instagram or even join us for shoots in the NY/NJ/PA area - I love sharing this great pastime!

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